A note on shoe sizing

Shoe sizing is not an exact science. Your fit can vary between brands, widths and lasts. Additionally the conversion between European, US and UK sizing can vary as well. This guide is exactly that a guide and why we are always happy to field inquiries in regard to sizing and exchange either in store or by mail if you find you've purchased the wrong size.  



A modern-day must, the smart-looking slim fit essentially follows the lines of your body.
- Tailored fit
- Narrow waist, darts in the back
- Great for: a slim body type

Contemporary Fit

The “just right” of shirts; not too loose nor too fitted.
- Semi-tailored fit
- Slightly tapered waist, back darts
- Best for: slim to regular body types

Classic fit

A bold, boxy fit for a standard or oversized style silhouette.
- Straight cut
- Zero tapering or darts
- Best for: a regular to bulky body type