From dress to chelsea to chukka boots, Josephs has selected a range that services every dress code. 

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From the deck of New England sail boats to the smart casual shoe of choice for many a man. The boat shoe is as stylish as it is versatile. 


Originally the shoe of choice for country gentleman, the brogue has transcended its origins to a classic style for town wear. Wear it for business and then pair it back on the weekend for a smart casual look. 

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Extra Wide Fit

From brogues, cap toes, derby's, loafers and boat shoes, Josephs has a wide selection of extra-wide shoes to ensure every man can find his perfect fit. 

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We strongly believe that no man is fully dressed for a black tie event without a pair of patent leather shoes. From Bond to Clooney they've never gone out of style. 



The Derby's relaxed countryside heritage can still be seen. This comfortable, open-laced men's shoe comes in many characters, from easygoing weekend wear to polished, brogued, dress shoe, worthy of a sharp blazer.

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From classic penny and tassel loafers to driving shoes and dress shoes. Loafers come in a range of styles, from the office to your weekend staple, these shoes can take you anywhere. 


Monk Straps

The men's Monk Strap has earned a reputation as a statement shoe thanks to its high-impact closures and dignified feel. Distinctive yet versatile, it has the ability to go from traditional to trend-focussed with a quick change of an outfit. 

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The closed laced oxford whether it be a cap toe or a brogue is the faithful companion for every man as he wades into the world of business. Dress it up with your suit or dress it down with your chino's, but remain safe in the knowledge that in a pair of oxfords you can't take a step wrong. 

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Our Church's slippers are the epitome of luxury. Slip into a pair and let go of the day that's been. 

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Sneakers can form the foundation for all types of looks. From relaxed styles in soft suede, to sleek leather items that belong at the bottom of a suit, the possibilities are endless. 

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